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"VERTIKO" d.o.o. is a private limited liability company specializing exclusively in the activities related to work at height. The company was founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 2004 to continue and expand on the scope of activities of the construction business named "PAUK". Nowadays, the company performs the following activities:

  • work at height training,
  • fall protection equipment sale,
  • preparation of technical documents,
  • equipment inspection,
  • permanent systems instalation,
  • work at height operations.

Rope access, a special technique employed to access the workplace by means of ropes and accompanying equipment, is the company's specialty which it still performs today. The application of internationally recognized standards was certified in 2003, when employees of the company became the first rope technicians in Croatia to obtain the IRATA licence, as a proof of the highest degree of skill and safety in work at height.

Year-long activity of the company is marked by the application of top work and safety standards. Fall protection skills and professional qualifications enabled the company to perform some of the most demanding work, ranging from the construction of metal structures on the Zagreb cathedral to mining cement layers adhering to the sides of silos. The knowledge gathered and the safety level achieved gave rise to the idea of training for work at height.

Work at height training was launched in 2005, following detailed preparations and the construction of a training polygon. It is based on European standards and was immediately recognized as a way to improve the safety and efficiency of work at height. Various training courses and the quality of service led to a cooperation with the most reputable Croatian companies as well as to the engagement in international projects. The sale of personal fall protection equipment soon followed so the company currently represents and distributes the products of several foreign manufacturers.

Work at height is a specialty we have been developing for more than 20 years. Thanks to professional improvement and active application it is still being developed even further.

Stjepko Vrsalović, CE

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