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About us


VERTIKO Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Zagreb (Croatia) and has since then continued and expanded the activities of a construction business founded more than 25 years ago. Specialized exclusively in work at height, VERTIKO nowadays performs the following main activities:

  • work at height training,
  • fall protection equipment sale,
  • fall protection systems installation,
  • equipment inspection,
  • technical documents preparation,
  • work at height operations

Rope access is the company's specialty which it still performs today. The application of internationally recognized standards was certified in 2003, when the employees of the VERTIKO became the first rope technicians in Croatia to obtain the IRATA licence, as a proof of the highest degree of skill and safety in work at height. Year-long activity of the company is marked by the most demanding operations, ranging from the construction of metal structures on the Zagreb Cathedral to wall layers mining on cement silos, where the accumulated knowledge and experience has strengthened the idea of work at height training.

Work at height training by VERTIKO started in 2005. These days, it is being held in a state-of-the-art training centre that was completed in 2017 and co-financed with European Union funds. Training is distinguished by eventful programmes and consistent implementation; as such, it was quickly recognized as a significant contribution to work at height safety. The application of the highest standards led to a cooperation with the most reputable companies as well as to the engagement in international projects, in which VERTIKO’s training was verified and accepted. Taking into account the increasingly frequent requests of customers to purchase equipment from a specialized supplier, we also launched the distribution and sale of equipment.

Fall protection equipment sale and permanent systems installation are the latest of a series of activities performed by VERTIKO. The equipment distribution of various manufacturers has satisfied most of our customers’ demands and requirements; however, a new company HILAND was founded to expand the offering even further. Periodic equipment inspections completes the range of specialist services provided, so while being specialized exclusively in work at height, VERTIKO still finds new course of action.

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