ROCK EXOTICA, LANEX, SKYLOTEC, 3M have entrusted us with the representation and distribution of their products in the Croatian market. The equipment of these manufacturers, with a variety of models and features, covers most of the customers’ needs, while permanent stock and all the necessary documentation are guaranteed. In addition to the standard work at height equipment, our offer includes rescue and evacuation equipment as well as various permanent systems and anchors. In addition to equipment sale, when it comes to our business partners, we are available for consultancy, specification and documentation drafting, and for periodic equipment inspections.


Equipment sale is handled by HILAND Ltd, also offering the equipment of other manufacturers, with the assortment further expanded. For all customers’ questions, competent persons with a long work experience are available, while the equipment can be viewed in our showroom.

Hiland PETZL

Permanent fall protection systems are installed by qualified staff, using specialized tools and testing instruments. Calculations, layouts and specifications are made with the technical support of the manufacturer, who is also available for all adjustments or specific customer requirements. Wire ropes, rails, anchor lines and structural anchors that we offer are all installed in our training centre.

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