According to the level of complexity and hazards that it safeguards against, personal fall protection equipment belongs into the highest, 3rd category of personal protective equipment (PPE), intended for the protection from fatalities.


Quality equipment at affordable price is the goal of every purchase, but only coordinated pieces of equipment will be suitable for a particular task. The equipment we offer is selected from the product range of various manufacturers so that the diversity of its characteristics may meet any requirement occurring in the course of work at height. That selection includes evacuation equipment as well as permanent guidelines and anchor systems. Buyers are provided with information and advice by qualified staff, with the set assembly and additional oral instructions for use included in the price of delivery.


ROCK EXOTICA, LANEX, SKYLOTEC and CAPITAL SAFETY (DBI-SALA, PROTECTA) entrusted the representation and distribution of their products in the Croatian market to us. All the products comply with European standards and the Council Directive 89/686/EEC (EC-type examination). The equipment and the ropes of the said manufacturers are successfully marketed in the demanding European market, and Croatian buyers recognize the ideal price to quality ratio of these products. Our business partners and buyers are guaranteed to have a constant supply of the products and requisite documents.

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