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Welcome to the website of VERTIKO. We are work at height specialists, with rope access as our long-term activity. Even though we have been doing it for more than 20 years, this work still provides new challenges for us.

WORK AT HEIGHT TRAINING is our main business activity and we devote special attention to it. Our training methods comply with top industry standards while training programmes have been adjusted to meet user requirements. In efforts to improve the technical environment, we have initiated construction of our new building in business zone STUPNIK, which is to facilitate the training hall with 12 m of indoors height. Construction is expected to be finished in 2017.

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FALL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT SALE is an important segment of our business, supplemented by expert consulting and equipment specification services. ROCK EXOTICA is well known American brand included in our distribution. A unique pulley, rigging and anchor equipment assortment attract primarily interest of rescue services, but it also founds its application in daily work at height.

Izvođenje radova na visiniROCK EXOTICA

WORK AT HEIGHT OPERATIONS, as our former principal field of work, currently focus on more demanding tasks and permanent systems instalation..

Dedication to the work we do as well as direct insight into all business processes are our major advantage, where long-standing long-standing cooperation with the most reputable clients and suppliers confirm the respectable level of service we provide.

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We wish you a pleasant visit.

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